After graduating as graphic designer, I am committed to learn more about video editing. Therefore, I am studying at the film academic to learn more for my clients. Videos are still underestimated, but videos are becoming more imperative to show the world about your company or personals. And even though it sound cliché, I love to design website, identity and video. You can see the work everywhere and it makes me happy to see anyone else happy with the results.

A little more about myself, I am passionate about the creative sector for as long as I can remember. It is the sector where you really can be yourself and express that through others. I am always the person that wants to learn more about designing and therefor always study through the internet for more knowledge.


We at Kimberly.MeDe (Media Design) have graduated as Graphic designer and are studying at the film academic in the Netherlands. We are always working our hardest to make sure that you as a client are a central player throughout all the projects. We think it is essential to listen to all your wishes and demands to fully understand the project that you have suggested in us to help you with.

Kimberly.MeDe is always eager to learn more about designing website, identity and for video. We have skilled employees and further make use of a great network consisting of some of the market’s most experienced freelancers.

Kimberly Verhoeven

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Kimberly Verhoeven

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